Welcome to “FitClub”!

Simple, go to fitclub.thefitfoods.com and sign up. Once you’ve signed in next time you go to your nearest local store and ask our Finions (Fit Minions) to add you into the in store system and show them you fit club pass is active. They will take your name, number and e mail creating an in-store account for you that will make sure you get your 20% discount.

Fit Club is simple 20$ a month gets you a 20% discount on all purchases for as long as you want to keep your membership. You can also suspend it in case you go out of town for a month or two and then reactivate it when you come back. If, you want to bring in a friend as long as they are with you they can use your discount and pay for their purchase with their own credit card.

We simply want to take good care of you